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It can sometimes be difficult to get students to engage in history, it can seem a long time ago or just a collection of facts and dates. With Condensed Histories ‘History Variety Shows’ I take a fresh look at historical topics. This can give an introduction to a topic and get the students excited from the start, to refresh enthusiasm in the middle of a topic, or as a nice way to round off a topic and allow for a little revision – along with some new facts!


The shows use a range of skills, from storytelling to juggling, and from puppetry to unicycling, all wrapped up in a fun, comedy presentation which also covers facts in a way that will help the students learn, and also get them to look beneath the facts.


Above all I have found that my shows are praised for managing to put across a large number of facts in an interesting way, as well as the high level of interaction with the students, both in discussion and play with the audience, and with students getting up onto the stage to be involved in the show.


Most of the topics which the shows cover are available in Key Stage One, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Versions. The shows which are currently available are:


Stone Age, Romans and Gladiators, Ancient Greek Myths (Key Stage 1-3 Only), Egyptians, Vikings, Saxons and Normans, Knights, Tudors (KS1&2 only), Shakespeare (Key Stage 3&4 only), Victorians (KS1&2 only), Industrial Revolution (Key Stage 3&4 only), World War One,100(ish) Years of Change (20th Century), French Revolution (Key Stage 3&4 only), Medicine Through Time (Key Stage 3&4 only).


For more information on all the shows and booking contact info@gregchapman.net.


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