Unicycling – Comedy – Magic – Juggling – Escapology - HISTORY!


When I created my first ‘Condensed Histories’ show I had one intention in mind – to take history out of a stuffy academic setting and make it fun for people who claim to hate history – and yet interesting for those people who love history. This is the goal that continues through the books and through the ‘History Variety Shows’ I now present at venues of all types!


From theatrical performances to street performances, from intimate spaces to large arenas, I have performances to fit. These 15-20 minute event performances involve a blend of juggling, comedy, magic, escapology, unicycling and - of course - history appropriate to the venue/event.


One of the most popular pieces for arena events is ‘Condensed Histories: Battle of Agincourt’ - where the battle is explained - and how the English army overcame overwhelming odds - with the aid of comedy, audience participation, a unicycle, sword, shield and water balloons!


To fit with the setting I perform shows around a range of different historical eras and subjects, from Roman, through Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian and the 1940s – allowing me to fit in to all types of events. I also try to bring a little local history into every performance! I also have themed shows for many times of year such as Christmas and Halloween, and perform Steam based shows at a number of Steampunk Festivals.


But what if some people in the crowd really aren’t interested in history? Not to worry – they will still enjoy the feats of escapology, be intrigued by the magic, amazed by the juggling, amused by the comedy, and see a man on a unicycle!


In the famous words of Circus King P.T. Barnum:


“We have something for everyone!”


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